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12. CodeInsight – Clean up app used spaces

To clean up the space used, user needs to clean up the Index database one by one. 

Note: if the source code is no longer needed, to free space, user can directly delete the source code archive. All the database associated with this archive will be removed automatically. 

Note: if the source code is needed, but just want to clean up index files, then just go the index page of the source code, see below:

Tap [Tap to clear all database] will remove the database file. Tap [delete] will only remove all the index entries in the database, the database file will not be removed. The database file’s size may not shrink after remove all the entries.

7. CodeInsight – View included header files

One more features of this app is that when your reading the source code, you can tap the header include line to directly open the header files. For example:

#include <linux/fs.h>

Tap the line above in the source code will open the header file.  The tap will also underline the source code so that user can easily find which line user tapped.

6. CodeInsight – View class inheritance graph

This is the 3rd features that differ this app from others. For programming language which supports class and inheritance, view the hierarchy of the class inheritance will help reader understand the code structures. To view the class inheritance structures, do:

Tap the rectangle twice and you can jump the class definition. The first tap will cause the rectangle being highlighted while the second tap will start to jump to symbol.

Also, on the upper right most on the Navigation bar, tap [Save] button will save the call inheritance graph into your album. 

5. CodeInsight – Find all func called by this func

This is another feature that makes CodeInsight differs from other mobile apps.

This feature is almost the same as feature “Find func calling this func”. The functions on the left side of the pictures are functions that calling this function. The functions that on the right side are the functions that called by this function. 

Please refer to Section 4 for the details

4. CodeInsight – Find func calling this func

This feature is the unique feature which make CodeInsight differs from other mobile apps.

You can either touch the function name twice or directly touch the search icon on the upper right Navigation bar.  

Note: You can display the call graph not in popover mode which will give you bigger view

To jump to the calling function, just tap the calling function rectangle twice. The first tap will cause the rectangle being highlighted and the second tap will jump to symbol.

There’s a feature to save the call graph pictures to your album so that it can viewed better or share to your friends. Please touch the [Save] button in the call graph view.

Saved Call Graph 1
Saved Call graph 2

3. CodeInsight – List all symbols in code file

When reading code, user may prefer to have an over view of all the symbols in current file.  Also, user prefer to have a list of symbols to quickly navigate to the symbols. Here’s the way to list symbols in the file:

Touch the upper right most icon button, it will pop out a list of all the symbols in current file. To jump to the entry, jump touch the entry of the list.