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RFCReader Plus Introduction

Latest Version: v1.2 In-App Purchase version of RFCReader Pro

RFCReader Plus is exactly the same as RFCReader Pro except that it needs to be purchased in app. User can either buy RFCReader Pro or in-app purchase RFCReader. Both App will be updated once there’s new updates

Requests for Comments (RFC) document series contain technical and organizational notes about the Internet. RFC Reader plus is a tool which can provide user a more efficient way to read the RFC documents. 
Difference between trial version and full functional version:
Features for RFC Reader plus trial version and full functional version are almost the same, except that some advance feature in trial version can be used with limitation.
All features below are available for try with limited times with trial version and are fully supported by full functional version if user purchased the product in the app.1. List all RFC documents
2. Search RFC File by Keywords or RFC number
3. Add to favorite for the interested RFC
4. Support marking text with color when reading in text format
5. Support adding Bold, Itatic and Underline styles to RFC text when reading in text format
6. Support changing default Font name and Font size for RFC text reading
7. Support fast navigating to last reading position and can go back and forward several times
8. Support fast navigating with Table Of Contents (TOC)
9. Offline RFC reading: Once you read it once, it will be cached locally 10. Save your changes to the document in Document folder
11.Support both Landscape and Portrait reading mode on all supported devices.
12. Support cleaning up cached files
13. Support search by keywords in Text format RFC page and navigate to the found results
14. Support read RFC in PDF format
15. Support searching RFC content when reading in PDF format
16. Support navigate RFC content through Table Of Content when reading in PDF format
17. Support navigate RFC content through PDF thumbnail
18. Support view RFC content in thumbnail grid view
19. Support read RFC in HTML format
20. Support navigate back and forth when reading in HTML format
21.Support navigate through Table Of Content when reading in HTML format for some RFCs
22. Support add to favorite RFC list when reading both in PDF format and HTML format